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Moving breathing and living from the Centre

I refer to this title as the ultimate healing because the majority of our restrictions and physical dysfunctions are sourced in a distortion in ourselves - born of being physically pulled away from our centre. Re-discovering the natural experience of the centred movement and breath leads to new ease and a different kind of strength.

The ultimate healing

From without to within | From within to without

This 'Creating space to heal' workshop will change your body-map! After some time of deep guided inner release, we spent the day exploring how to support a relaxed spine and the spaces within from our periferal actions. Then we followed by working the other way round - from the deep core responses that arose from the first experiment ... engaging through a relaxed periferal body. Then finding the natural breathing rhythm between the two 'ways' of supporting ourselves.

Creating the space to heal 4

The Spine and the viscera

This was the third of the 'Creating space to heal' workshops. It was once again exceptionally deep, starting with a practice to offer a direct experience of a spacious spine, and a principle for all practice made clear by the experience.

Creating the space to heal 3

The neck, head & shoulders

On this second part of 'Creating the space to heal' we looked at how the spine of the upper body can find support from the earth and the (breathing) relationships between the head shoulders and ribcage can lead to an awakening of the upper spine.

Creating the space to heal 2

The hips & lower back -

This exceptionally deep workshop was the first of a series I am doing, covering how to release all the usual areas of complication for people - this week Hips & Lower back.

Creating the space to heal 1

Coming home ~ to the centre of release.

Over this workshop we gently built up a picture of how the upper body and chest, can rest into and use the support of the ground to move you freely in space, and how the contents of the lower half can take the weight off the spine and invite the upper body to ground.

Saturday morning re-treat

Learning the power of letting go

The workshop began with experiencing how inner tensions (like the groins) are usually tense because of the way we arrive into a position. What followed was a deep exploration of how the 'breathing gear' can respond to surrender of your weight...

Saturday morning re-treat

The return to Innocence

This was a rather special workshop where I guide people through various 'innocent' relationships between the body and itself, between the person and action, and between action and the world around you .... people ended up doing whatever the body felt like doing and the instructions were the same for everyone...

Saturday morning re-treat

Moving from the deep spaces within

This workshop was an exploration of the possibility of sourcing our movements from deep within. The fluid core and the ribcage/thoracic spine relating to each other and to the world around you.

Saturday morning re-treat

A general workshop dealing with specifics that people brought.

This Saturday re-treat was all of my regulars, so I simply spent the time working with how to liberate particular local issues that, in the end, everyone needs to pay attention to. The outcome was pivotal for many of the participants.

Saturday morning re-treat

Waking up the core

This one began as usual with some deep exploration of how our 'breathing earth' can lead to a deeper responsiveness from within - I then guided through some postures to take advantage of this new inner strength

Saturday morning re-treat

The Breath and the space all around

On this Saturday re-treat, I was once again inviting people to find the 'breathing earth' but then expanded into how the central spaces of the body can be connected to the space above and all around you... We included the solar plexus and then in standing postures, particularly the throat...

Saturday morning re-treat

Saturday morning re-treat


'Creating the Conditions'Finding support, so that we can find internal space through a release of tension, then bringing yourself back from space and support to arrive in the centre of things ...

Saturday morning re-treat


Gathing towards the Centre to open out in all directlys - Bridge, reclining leg extensions (all variations)forward bend, crow,  and seated wide stride side bends.

Saturday morning re-treat

Grounding from the core and opening from the heart... Bridge, reclining twists, squat, and movements towards shoulder stand.

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OGT for Yoga Scotland


The fluid core response to support from contact, the Primary curves of the spine at the centre of movement & opening

Saturday morning re-treat


The fluid core response to support from contact, the Primary curves of the spine at the centre of movement & opening

Saturday morning re-treat


Hips, groins, sciatic release, looking after wrists, your breathing relationships to the ground

Saturday morning re-treat

Hips,  the core movements away from the hips, the ribs in side bending and twists (and what the head does) and how the whole thing can relate to the feet and heels.

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Weekend in the Garden

Moving from the core...

This theme began on the Saturday in response to questions about the lower back, tail and sacrum, and continued through the weekend - a groundbreaking weekend!

Saturday morning re-treat

Develop sensitivity to the relationships between active contact and the movements of breathing, with a view to find support and space for any area of the body you might be interested in resolving... Ends as always with a guided deep relaxation.

Saturday morning re-treat

A deep opening for the upper spine (relationships between arms wings and head to the ribs in reclining eagle)  and a patterning understanding of the core responses in relationship to the use of the feet and contact with the earth)