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The breath and support (incl. headstand)

This one began with a simple exploration of the difference between 'lifting' parts of the body and 'using the ground to release into space'... The way to 'use' the ground is to find a breathing relationship to it. The outcome is an awakening of the core and spine that offers a completely different experience of how the body can move...

Awakening movement from the centre

Natural hips, open heart

On this one, I invite you to fully release the hips in movement and support, for the purpose of freeing up the full natural extension response of the spine...

Helping you liberate the spine behind the heart

A gentle building awakening of the spine for the Spring

I began this by planting a seed about state of mind - and how you can play with 'directions' of the senses together with 'expression' to find good mental balance in relationship to your environment. We went on to explore awakening with whilst relaxing without - moving towards our outward actions supporting inner release...

Senses, physical expression, the core and the spine.

How to approach your practice

On this workshop I take you through a serial overview of things you need to attend to in approach to any posture, IF you want to improve some aspect of your experience. The approach also gives you a way of recognising exactly where you are at and what you need to do in any moment of practice.

THIS is how you do it

Clarity about 'gathering in to open out'

'Gathering in to open out' is a principle that works, but is full of misconception that can stay stuck (because it still works)... in this workshop we explored the individual and very personal relationships to the world in action that can unravel any confusion.

Sourcing outward action from the centre

A workshop for the neck & throat

Continuing on from the the previous week's theme of 'decoupling' actions so we can see what individual aspects of our bodies and movement can do by themselves in order to piece things together again with more confluence... This workshop we did our best to 'leave the neck and throat' out of things (so that the rest of the body can develop better ways of supporting you that don't rely on the neck)