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The deepest and kindest of explorations...

This workshop evolved from the fact that most participants were feeling less than top form, including someone with covid symptoms. What followed was a very deep exploration centred in causing zero physical stress. It was fabulous I think!

A workshop for if you are feeling rough..

How to frame your attention in practice

This was a general workshop starting with some standing postures - but I share how I go about framing my attention when I am practicing for myself. If you are clear about what you are relating to, and what you might expect to happen as a result, you get an opportunity to recognise the 'that's it!' moment, which is your cue to move on to the next direction of attention... Become clear about what I share here and you have a direct guide for life.

Recognising when to 'change gear' in posture work

Try it out in another posture!

So on this workshop I began with my signature Mahapranayamasana (the breathing earth practice) and I invited participants to tune into some of the responses and benefits of relating to support in a situation where it is possible to relax. I then invited them to try out something else (dog pose was the first thing) to see if they could transpose the experience and movements they had felt in an oppositionally different position... The outcome is surprising!

How to understand what the body needs to do...

Discovering the centre

This was a general kindness-to-the-body-and-breath workshop that ended up with a powerful engagement that brings the spine and core into united action - leading into a potential to RELEASE into anything you choose to do....

Gathering towards the heart

A whole-body solution to neck and shoulders

This Saturday morning re-treat was a celebration of the relationships between the neck/throat, the wings/shoulders, and the face! It is the way we 'hold' ourselves in space that cause these common physical complaints, and it is the way we interact with the world and with the sense of weight that can change everything - The outcome is freedom for the neck and shoulders...

'The breath of Atlas'

A celebration of the hips

This workshop was centred around how to wake up proprioceptive support responses from within (the core responses within the pelvis) and from without (the limbs in support and the actions around the pelvis) - all for the purposes of taking strain off the groins and lower back. The outcome is a new somatic sense of the hips and how they celebrate in movement. (I taught this one from my phone, so quality is a little impaired - but the content is fantastic)

Learning to let go of the internal holding of the hips so that they can support you!

Kindness to the spine through the breath

For this workshop I shared a way of being with the breath in 3 significant areas of the body : lower body/navel/pelvis, head and throat/neck, the chest/ribcage/upper spine. The outcome is potential freedom for the spine in all 3 areas.

A Saturday re-treat workshop

The Sacred Breath II - introductory workshop