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Alongside my ideas and opinions about aspects of yoga I regularly post very useful snippets from my 'Yoga Solutions' broadcasts, occasional whole workshops, and there is even a series around nutrition & pranayama.


If I am preparing to put on a new course, or there is something significant that I wish to share with you,  the blog is my first port of call.   Follow it for an ever expanding resource of useful content...

Yoga Solutions Classes

A huge resource of short Yoga classes (~ 30min), each centred on an aspect of practice - it could be a posture, an area of the body that needs healing or opening, breathwork, or a principle of practice.  I describe the most common issue, and guide you through to a a way of approaching something that will free you of any complication... hence 'Yoga Solutions'.

There are over 200 of these sessions, covering pretty much anything you might be looking for.  One student described one on 'the hamstrings  as 'the best body-hack out there'.

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Yoga Solutions top picks

Some of the best of my Yoga Solutions classes, edited down for the best flow, and organised into 'Collections' of classes that together make an entire course.

If you're not a premium member, you can still buy a single class that takes your fancy, or you can buy the Collection for a discount.   A fantastic resource for anyone that is looking for a set of 5 classes that can structure your practice around life-changing principles of practice in a confluent and coherent way... see what's on offer

10% of all proceeds go to the Heart Twickenham Fund

Deep-Immersion Workshops on demand

Most Saturday mornings, I run an online interactive deep-immersion workshop, for both members and people that like to drop-in.  Gold and Platinum members get to attend these workshops for free, and have on-demand access to  the 150+ workshops I have put on over the last few years.  These workshops inevitably lead to a profound experience that can change your experience of your. body and practice forever.

You can drop in for an interactive workshop anytime (booking is here) - all attendees get the replay vid.

If you see a title on the list you would like to download, contact me through the website and I will send the download link for a nominal fee (usually ~£20)

Courses on demand


The Art of Letting go  ~ The ultimate anti-stress course

Guided 10- 30 minute deep relaxation sessions that gently and effortlessly guides you through whole-body integration with the breath & its release.

Guided sessions to take you into a blissful state whenever you like. A deep practice for when you are tired or need relief from stress or pain... more 


The Sacred Breath I

The Sacred Breath is a comprehensive 7-part pranayama course for 2yr+ practitioners 

Offering a a broad exploration our base-line breathing patterns & preferences, the course builds to an organic and powerful pranayama sequence you can use regularly  for your own personal development on both a physical and emotional level... more


Embodied Living 1

The Embodied Living Courses are a series of gentle guided practice sessions for all.

These courses are suitable for anyone to do at home (recorded live with a small group of people) that will give you an entry level experience of the Enviro-Somatic Principles in Practice.

Embodied Living 1 offers the fundamentals over 7 weeks... more


Embodied Living 2

This is part 2 of the Yoga for Embodied Living Series.

This second (12 part!) guided series  explores  how to bring embodied relationships into daily life. 
This series was recorded with two groups  so you have morning and evening versions of the practices.. You will need part 1 under your belt to make the most of this follow-up course
... more


Haptic Intelligence I

The Haptic Intelligence Series  is a 7-week guided next-level CPD course.

And it involves a deep exploration of the relationship between the quality of our touch, and the body's natural responses... a foundation principle of Marc J Acquaviva's ground-breaking enviro-somatic approach to body-work... more


Proprioceptive Intelligence I

The Proprioceptive Intelligence Series  is an 8-week  next-level CPD course.

And you will be guided through adeep exploration of  our physical relationships to the space that we occupy and, the body & breath's natural responsiveness to the way we are relating... a  second founding principle of Marc J Acquaviva's  enviro-somatic approach to body-work... more


Core Intelligence I

The Core Intelligence  Series is a 8 week advanced course for experienced practitioners.

You will be guided exploration of the innate wisdom of the breath & the spine that arises, when our physical relationships to the world and the space we occupy are in harmony with our intentions...  The third Enviro-Somatic principle... more


Structural Intelligence I

The Structural Intelligence  Series 1 ~ the bones and the sacred spaces between..

This a 6 part intensive advanced course for experienced practitioners. 

A guide to an embodied map of the most confluent and powerful relationships between all key structures of the body  - the outcome is fluid strength that transforms movement into an effortless release...  more


Enviro-Somatic Intelligence I

The Enviro-Somatic Intelligence  Series 1 ~ the Wave ~

This an 8 part intensive  course for experienced practitioners. 

This course begins with the generic whole-body release into wave-like movement that arises when your breathing relationships to Earth and the Space you occupy are harmonised and unite... more

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