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with Marc J Acquaviva

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121 Yoga Mentoring with Marc

~ in person or online

One to one tuition is and always has been Marc's favourite way of transmitting the work.

The true tradition of yoga was that it was only ever transmitted directly one on one.  This way practice can be guided by the reality of the person's needs and blind-spots, rather than by attempting to modify the body to fit particular ideas of what we 'should' be capable of, or by limiting our mind-body developoment by doing only what we already prefer to do.  


Whether you are just starting your yoga , or have been practicing most of your life, Marc offers expert guidance that will help you build a practice and a way of physically engaging with life that will massively expand your horizons at the same time as best serving your ongoing needs.

Yoga is a moment-to-moment practice of being entirely present to what is. So if the purpose is transformation, the only way to guide it is in direct response to people that are right there in front of you.  And when I get to do this 121, I can follow  every nuance, every breath, and guide things to a point of total integration.


 The outcome can be mind-blowing for the individual, and deeply satisfying for me.


Rachel Walsh

Hi Guys!

As most of you know i have been dealing with a rotator cuff injury. To begin with i couldn't lift my arm at all and was in a lot of pain doing the most simple of things (putting a jacket on was quite special) BUT i have been lucky enough to spend some with Marc J Acquaviva just one hour last week and half an hour yesterday.


Not only have i got a full range of motion back in my shoulder but i feel like for the first time perhaps ever i am really living inside my body and there is a new connection there in terms of my yoga practice like i've learning to move for the first time all over again... It's fucking amazing. Anyway i'll stop rambling on now and say EVERYONE MUST GO AND SEE HIM.


About Online 121 Tutoring

Hands-on is a very rapid way of transmitting the work, but Marc also offers an online service via Zoom for those that don't live nearby. The outcome is surprisingly effective. 

The reason he started teaching people online (around 2006) was because whenever he travelled to the States  to teach on someone training course, or even around the UK on a workshop, inevitably there were people that wanted to continue to work with the principles he was sharing, but there was no-one local that could support them in it.


Marc discovered that even online he could pick up on the most subtle of nuances in people's movement and simply 'read' what was going on for them as if they were directly in the room with him.  And he has been teaching 121 and small groups online ever since.

Online vs. in person...

Some people prefer the experience of online work with Marc, simply because physical progress is at precisely the rate that the mind can assimilate things. Without hands-on,  Marc's job is to find ways of expressing things that makes sense to the individual, and the changes in the body follow the development of understanding.

Those that prefer in-person and hands-on are generally more eager to have a new and direct experience of the relationships that Marc gives people.  With direct hands-on sessions, there can be enormous physical transformations, but understanding is more somatic than intellectual, so although the body changes rapidly, it is the understanding that develops with practice.

Either way, online is a very effective way of directly working 121 with Marc. You can do it in the comfort of your own home and sessions can be recorded.


Yoga Therapy -

Solutions-based support for remedial issues

Groundbreaking new bodywork - 

directtly with tts originator

Marc developed his unique approach to practice by resolving a myriad of postural and joint issues of his own directly through practice, and he has since expanded the remedial aspect of his work in many directions.


At first he extrapolated the principles that he used to relieve chronic symptoms of sciatica and a collapsing knee-joint, into solving other joint and postural complications that he hadn't  personally experienced.


When he applied his technique in manually guiding others, it worked so well that  he was encouraged to take things further. He went on to develop solutions for common complications such as migraine, fibromyalgia, ME & chronic fatigue, even osteoarthritis in fingers, fallen arches and bunions, and of course the ubiquitous problems of hips and shoulders backs and necks - pretty much most things.

Problems with organ function?

He can also help you modify practice so that you can safely and effectively develop your health through practice, even if there is a specific organ issue going on (heart disease, liver disease, kidney problems etc etc.). 

People’s experience is generally that health can then improve because of the practice, and the specific relationships given also allow organ function to improve.