The ultimate anti-stress practice:

Your guided deep relaxation sessions

exploring the enviro-somatic energy body map

Guided deep relaxation sessions (from 1:1s and classes - which I will continue to add to), that will most certainly de-stress you, but your own body map will develop in surprising ways, that should help you redefine your experience of yourself through your body, and regular practice may well help you relieve many common stress-related symptoms  ~ look for a title that calls you, set yourself up somewhere and switch on one of the deepest relaxations you will have experienced.


Taking the time

Taking the time to be with each part of yourself … to make it possible to arrive to the deepest relaxation.

The touch of the breath - the path to the centre

A guided session to help you go deep by establishing a breathing relationship to contact and all space around you - to bring you back to the heart and the centre of your being.

Migraine relief and relaxation

An open ended guided session, that can help you relieve many common stress-related symptoms including but not limited to migraine, whiplash, sinus issues headache, neck issues, lower back issues & breathing difficulties**

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