The ultimate anti-stress course:

Your guided deep relaxation sessions

exploring the enviro-somatic energy body map

Guided deep relaxation sessions (lifted from classes and 1:1s ), that will most certainly de-stress you, but your own body map will develop in surprising ways, that should help you redefine your experience of yourself through your body, and regular practice may well help you relieve many common stress-related symptoms  ~ look for a title that calls you, set yourself up somewhere and switch on one of the deepest relaxations you will have experienced...  I will continue to add the best and most effective relaxation/meditations to this list but you will never need to pay anything more.


The magic and power of trust



Trusting the Earth and the Breath from the deepest parts of ourselves

The hands, feet and the sacred spaces within



I begin with inviting you to find some organic movement - whilst looking for more harmonious relationships within the body - followed by a deep relaxation that connects the hands and feet to the sacred spaces within you...

The City of Jewels...



The 'city of jewels' is one of the descriptions of the Solar plexus chakra in old texts... In one of my own meditations, I discovered a whole universe of infinite resource available from this sacred space within my body - on this end-of-class relaxation, because the class was centred on the solar plexus, I shared my insights and 'downloads' with participants...

The ribs.



This one begins with a little practice - a very open twist to awaken the ribs and their natural movements of breathing and support, followed by a deep guided meditation (reclining) on the ribcage...

The universal experience...



A sequential guidance of attention during relaxation to help bring you to the universal experience...

Bringing yourself back together



In the settling down part I make sure that you organise things so that no part of you is under duress (easily un-noticed when we relax in a habitual way), and then take you through to an embodied experience of what happens when you have 'gathered your bones together'

Gathering back to the heart



This one is an excellent guide to experience the space available within when the body 'comes back together' in a unified and harmonious way . The outcome is the potential to open to and connect to everything around from a deep place.

Earth, the space within, and the space without.



Releasing into earth space and back to the heart ... This is one of the most straight-forwards guided relaxations into an embodied experience of Enviro-Somatic integration. Where other relaxations involve knowing where particular bones are, this is simply Earth, space without and the space within...

Mobile stillness



A guidance towards the conditions that can lead to the deeply restorative experience of the ebb and flow of the breath synchronising with the Cranial Sacral rhythms.

Receiving & letting go



This relaxation was after a strong class that involved 'gathering' together to 'open out' from the heart...These relationships are available simply through breathing and release with zero effort if you can tune into the qualities of receiving and letting go, and the outcome is a heart-centred experience of the earth and space all around you...

Taking the time



Taking the time to be with each part of yourself … to make it possible to arrive to the deepest relaxation.

The touch of the breath - the path to the centre



A guided session to help you go deep by establishing a breathing relationship to contact and all space around you - to bring you back to the heart and the centre of your being.

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