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The Sacred Breath - Daily Practices 

9 x key pranayama practices - to support you in daily life

Short sessions:  5-10 minute classes based on the Sacred Breath 1 Course content

A daily breathing practice that gives you the foundation of the Enviro-Somatic approach

This is my own breathing practice invention - It is an exploratory practice that teaches you everything you need to know. about the body and the breath.


A practice to awaken and strengthen the diaphragm and the body's core responsiveness

I call this 'the laughing breath' because its origin in nature is quite simply the deepest of belly laughs ...


A breathing practice to open the heart.

Sitkari is a pranayama that helps bring you into direct physical relationship to the space you occupy


This is a starter guide to Kapalabhati (some detail)

Kapalabhati is a very important breathing practice that teaches us how to be supported from within when we release the breath. It means 'shining skull' - which refers to the outcome of its practice.


This will be useful once you are familiar with the first version.

Kapalabhati practiced in this way can be done all day! It is also incredibly powerful when timed with physical action (walking, running, yoga practice)


'Alternate nostril' breath - a cleansing, balancing practice

My personal take on this pranayama is that it helps bring the rhythm of breathing to natural movement.


Retention breath on the inhale - taken in stages with constructive 'pauses' in between.

A practice to refine and expand all of our fundamental choices in breathing.


Pausing with the breath as it leaves in stages ... On the third stage we include Simha Mudra (lion-face) to help the last part of the breath release.

This practice helps us learn how to remain centred and relaxed upright when we let go of the breath.


The 'satisfied breath'

A calming breath that helps the upper spine


Here you will find your 6-part course (with a bonus session for when you have completed)

Feedback / Testimonial
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I like to hear how you are getting on, and  if you are enjoying it and  you wish to say something about  your process with it and what you are gaining from this course, I can use it to let others know what to expect.

And of course if there is anything that could be better, I would like to hear about that too...  Many thanks.

Thank you! Your feedback is appreciated.

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