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Enviro-Somatic Intelligence 1

~ the Wave 

Unifying our released relationships to Earth & Space

Next-level Development Courses for dedicated teachers & practitioners.

The first of 3  Integration Courses  designed to bring confluence to the body's innate sensory intelligence systems.

Content:   8 x 3hr workshops (divided into two parts each) plus 6x 1hr Q&A sessions.

Cost: £147 incl. FREE 45min 1:1 with Marc

This course begins with an understanding of and a guidance through the generic whole-body release into wave-like movement that arises when your breathing relationships to Earth and the Space you occupy are harmonised and unite.  

Then the Course content moves through each incremental stage of that wave centred in the intention to remain free in all the 'Chakras' by finding grounding in each intersection  (or in each nexus) between them. Culminating in a brand new experience of 'the Wave' when it is the spine itself that finds the harmonious relationships between Earth and Space.

The Wave part 1

Receiving the breath from where our weight is felt in the ground...

Course Part 1

Understanding what it actually means to be 'centred' at the Solar plexus... and discovering the potential released wave-like movements that occur when, from here, we can let go into support from the Earth and into the space we occupy.

Course Part 3

From below and from above. Honing awareness in towards the centre of the whole spine, the Emperor/Empress of all other chakras, Anahata - the Heart, its base that anchors into the earth, and the throat's relationship to it from above,

Course Part 5

Shambhavi mudra in practice

The Wave ~ contd.

Discovering the wave from both the released arrival and surrender of the breath