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The Core Intelligence Series 

 The innate wisdom of the breath and spine 

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The third of a new ground-breaking series of Online Courses that explores the potential that arises when we listen to the innate intelligence of our sensory feedback systems... 

Next-level Development Courses for dedicated teachers & practitioners.

 8 workshops
~ 75-90 mins each.
(2 x intro workshops + 6 x course)

Course workshops

Core Intelligence:

“ Our sense of self  is a multi-layered animal that can be divided up in yoga terms as physical, emotional, and intellectual, and beyond that, through the causal bodies, considered as the soul, spirit and universal field.

On  both a practical and esoteric level, the spine is at the centre of our being, and if we can find ways that liberate it, we develop not only freedom in our movement, but freedom in our sense of ourselves.  

The  spine can ONLY be truly liberated when it is free of conflict... There is a famous quote by Vanda Scaravelli that states simply  'Elongation and extension of the spine only occurs when the pulling and pushing stop'.   


How free we are in our spines and ourselves is to do with how we feel about life itself - how we feel is reflected in how we breathe - and how we breathe is determined by how the deepest part of the core of our body responds to our environment...  


The WAY that we can physically create the conditions that lead to liberation of the spine, is sourced in the body's natural core responsiveness to the contact we make with the earth and with the space that we occupy  -  If we can find the presence of mind to refine these physical relationships, we get to experience what it means to be free of conflict at the centre of our being, and the spine is liberated in surprising ways in the process" 

 - Marc J Acquaviva - 



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