The Sacred Breath: next-level Pranayama  

A 6-part next level comprehensive Pranayama Course for 2yr+ practitioners. 
  • A broad exploration our base-line breathing patterns & preferences ~ with the intention of bringing equality of choice. 

  • Influencing the movements of the breath through functional action

  • 7 key pranayama practices - from a new ground-up perspective.  Each pranayama developed from an exploration of how it arises naturally.

  • 9 separate individual daily practice sessions on individual pranayamas.

  • Builds to an organic and powerful pranayama sequence you can use regularly  for your own personal development on both a physical and emotional level.


Two basic preferences in breathing patterns, and a fundamental practice for deep exploration. 

Understanding how our breathing choices are influenced by intention and the quality of our physical actions

Some pranayama practices:  Fire breath (Bhastrika 1) & the breath of love - Sitkari. Also introducing Simha Mudra

Introducing Kapalabhati  
A very important  daily practice that teaches us to  trust inner support over external tension.

'The Pause'
Viloma (ladder breath).  Refinement of our relationships to space.

'Pause with a purpose'
Learning to organise ourselves so that we can release into uprightness.  Plus a full pranayama sequence to bring all choices into balance.

Bhastrika 2 - the rhythmic heart breath. Plus Plavini ~ "float like a lotus leaf on water".

Here you will find your 9 x daily guided practice session. One prananayama/ session between 5 and 10 mins each.


I am loving your breath course thank you Marc. The second session was really powerful, my diaphragm released powerfully. I love the time and care you put into these videos and the attention to detail really pays off. Your simple yet deep approach is transformative. Thanks, Kerry

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I like to hear how you are getting on, and  if you are enjoying it and  you wish to say something about  your process with it and what you are gaining from this course, I can use it to let others know what to expect.

And of course if there is anything that could be better, I would like to hear about that too...  Many thanks.

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