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Collection 1 ~ A foundation for Practice

Inner Space - Inner Support

... for anyone that would like to feel lighter & stronger

'Inner space' is a description of a purely somatic experience that most people only have when resting and happy....   Here I give you a way of providing that for yourself directly, simply by using your hands for support.  

'Inner support' is similarly a description of a somatic experience that will mean very different things to different people depending on what efforts and tensions they are accustomed to...   So I also offer an approach to the same thing as above (as your starting point) to set things up so that the breath itself can give you the most natural inner support you can develop, which in turn offers you a strength that leaves you free in your movements through space...

10% of proceeds goes to Heart Twickenham 

THE best way to use your limbs

If you think your limbs aren't strong enough -

this one will change your mind

Most people's yoga practice  is  sourced in their teacher's instructions - following those instructions causes us to do things in quite unnatural ways, and one of the most unnatural things you can do with a limb is to hold it up in a position, with no real purpose other than to 'follow instructions'.

 Here I offer a simple explanation of how the limbs most naturally support us.  And when we do so, we illicit more natural whole-body actions and end up with supportive relationships from our touch all the way back through to our spines. 

Then I guide your through applying these relationships in your practice.  

10% of proceeds goes to Heart Twickenham 

Opening the Hips

Stiff hips? Tight lower back?   This one is for you.

'Hip opening postures' often have the opposite effect for people.... they try and stretch their hips open, and the outcome leaves them even tighter in the groins/psoas/adductors & lower back. Here I unravel the problem and show you what 'hip opening' actually feels like, so that you can carry a new relationship to your hips with you, that will ALLOW them to open.

10% of proceeds goes to Heart Twickenham 

Freeing up the Shoulders

Rather than shoulders that have to hold your arms up, would you like wings that can help you fly ?

A regular question i get is about how to be free in the shoulders... but whenever I run workshops in new places with large groups of people, one of the things not asked is 'how to reach up with the arms during sun salute'... Yet absolutely everyone in the room is lifting their arms with their shoulders and neck when they come up... which is exactly what gives them the tight shoulders in the first place. 

I start with a 5 minute trick that will get you to understand how shoulders are supposed to move, and then take you into more depth so it can be applied to postures (reclining eagle & Triangle)

10% of proceeds goes to Heart Twickenham 


Practice with this for a little while - it could well be one of the most significant short classes you've ever done!

Many teachers recognise the importance of the breath in posture work, yet breathing practices (aka pranayama), are mostly practiced 'separately' because it is considered as 'advanced' compared to posture work.

However, if we are free to explore how the breath is naturally involved in active support whilst preparing for a posture, it makes complete sense of the purpose of pranayama.

And understanding the true nature of the breath, makes complete sense of  how to experience the true nature of postures!

10% of proceeds goes to Heart Twickenham 

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