Yoga Solutions mini-classes

2022 - 23

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These are all of the recordings of my weekly 'Yoga Solutions' Live sessions on Facebook.  If I get a question, I respond directly to that, so if you scroll through the various titles you might see something that catches your interest. On the weeks I don't get any questions I offer a general principle in practice and guide you through something so you  can have a direct physical experience of it.

These are the sessions recorded from Spriing 2022... previous sessions are linked to at the bottom of the list.

Deconstructing the humble forward bend

Forward bending is something everyone can do to some degree or other, but how easy and comfortable forward bending is, depends entirely on how you got there.
The simplest of postures offer the most value and content, IF you are prepared to genuinely let go of habit, in favour of exploration of what is both possible and natural...
Here I offer you the reasons forward bending can be restrictive or uncomfortable for you, and give you a way of approaching the movement that should make total sense to your body...

Understanding back-bends

Most of us do back-bending by habitually hyperextending the lumbars and/or neck. Doing so is not a particularly useful practice and can aggravate and exaggerate postural habits... Here I explain what needs to happen for you to extend your spine in a useful and pleasurable way.

Opening the Hips

'Hip opening postures' often have the opposite effect for people.... they try and stretch their hips open, and the outcome leaves them even tighter in the groins/psoas/adductors & lower back. Here I unravel the problem and show you what 'hip opening' actually feels like, so that you can carry a new relationship to your hips with you, that will ALLOW them to open.

Demystifying the body and the breath

When you do things TO the body and the breath, you might develop control of how you move and breathe, but you will be exaggerating the separation between yourself and your body. And separation is at the source of any physical/emotional issue you are using your yoga to redress...
Here I offer a clear and practical explanation of the difference between this, and relating to the world THROUGH your body and breath, which unites you with both. Follow my suggestions and feel the difference in yourself ... if you like the feeling, it will change your practice forever...
If you have a few yoga years under your belt and would like to do my deep dive into pranayama course, go to

How to let go of any issues around your lower back, hips neck and shoulders...

All of these things are to do with how we hold our weight up ... Here I show you how to become light, by giving your weight to to ground instead of to your back and joints... Enjoy!

My go-to 15min practice

Leg extensions - the way to do it that makes you want to do it all the time....

Shoulders in dog pose

(plus my thoughts on Astanga)

Bow pose/ Crescent pose

How to liberate the upper spine for the true 'yoga' experience of these extension postures.

THE solution to tight hamstrings

"The solution to tight hamstrings...
When your hamstrings are tight, it is usually because they are overly involved with your support strategy. Here I explain what might cause this, and then offer a practice that is very likely to lead to a completely different somatic experience of opening out the legs, together with actually being able to let go of the habitual hamstring resistance, so they can be 'stretched' without the usual problems that go with attempting to do this."


The best way to massage them, and how to do any kind of balance.