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Self-care ... indulgence or necessity?


I was doing my mail out for tomorrow's workshop and I found myself contemplating my own thoughts on and relationship to self-care.

I think we would all agree that regular self-care of body mind and soul are all necessary for things to evolve in ways that we recognise as an improving quality of life. Over the years I've also become increasingly interested in why it can sometimes be so difficult to prioritise such pursuits. Life will continually present us with reasons for putting self-care low on the priority list - an indulgence for 'when we have time'. But in reality, all the imperative tasks and agendas that drive us on a daily basis are severely hampered when any part of the body-mind-soul trinity is at odds with any other part.

I know through repeated experience, that when I have had a good practice, I can think more clearly so I make better decisions, I feel good in my body so I feel like doing what needs doing, and if it feels like I am walking my natural path, then I can be myself in company, and sleep easy at night. For me, my Yoga offers me all of this in one activity - but only if I put in the time to practice. And still, even though yoga is huge part of my life, there are times when I find it difficult to bring myself to do the very thing that I know would put things right (usually when I am stressed). It's actually why I chose to become a yoga teacher. For me, without the desire to share my discoveries with others, it would be all too easy for me to postpone self-care to 'when I feel like it' (which in reality is when I need it least). So I have always been very grateful to all of you that choose to turn to me for 1:1 advice and support, or join me in my weekly workshops - you motivate me to put in the time for myself so that I can always teach from an authentic and inspired place. And having real solutions to common-place physical restrictions would be meaningless to me if I had no-one to share them with. So firstly, thank you!

But each of us need to find our own motivations for taking the time we need to unite body soul and mind.

The purpose of Yoga is NOT to get good at yoga. I like to think of Yoga as something that is meant to support you in whatever it is you want to do with your life - and if you can make that association, you will have all the motivation you need to put in the time you need for true self-care.

If you allow me to guide you, your mind will be taking part but it can relax as you assign it to following my guidance. The body should become clearer, simpler and more comfortable as I show you ways of doing things that honour how it best works. And the soul will no-doubt celebrate the fact that you took the time to sooth and repair its two louder companions. And sometimes, the reduction of noise can allow the soul's whisperings to be heard more clearly.

So do join me for something so I can help, but when you find the motivation and time to regularly attend to these things for yourself, you have began to master the art of self-care.

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Thank you for that post, Marc, so true, so helpful. I missed last Saturday’s workshop as I have Covid, but am coming out the other end now, and so am off to my mat for some of what I missed :-)


Dec 16, 2022

Sorry I can’t join you all again this week, but my dads birthday bash! Am hoping to take laptop and self care (recorded workshops) with me on holiday, so I will see you but you won’t see me!! Have a good Christmas all!!!

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