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'Inner Space' & 'Inner Support'

'Inner space' is a description of a purely somatic experience that most people only have when resting and happy.... Here I give you a way of providing that for yourself directly, simply by using your hands for support. 'Inner support' is similarly a description of a somatic experience that will mean very different things to different people depending on what efforts and tensions they are accustomed to... So I also offer an approach to the same thing as above (as your starting point) to set things up so that the breath itself can give you the most natural inner support you can develop (through the breath), which in turn offers you a strength that leaves you free in your movements through space... Enjoy! Tap the like button for me and leave a comment if you found it helpful. I am happy for you to share this around wherever you see fit. And if you do enjoy it, you might want to consider trying out Silver membership on my website : ... I take these Yoga solutions subjects and build on them to make at least a full half hour guided practice (this is available later on in the day for all my premium members) . You can sign up for Silver for a 1-week free trial, then its just ~ £1/week for a brand new class every week, as well as access to over 150 of my previously recorded sessions on-demand. (Cancel any time) And if you want to take things deeper with me, most Saturday mornings, I put on a 2.5hr interactive workshop on Zoom (£27 drop-in … free for Gold and Platinum members) - usually centred around or developed from my current current Yoga Solutions theme, but always tweaked to meet the needs of the onscreen participants ((you can also book a view-only place for just £15… recordings available to anyone that books whether you attend or not). Latest workshop info: If you are drawn to working with me , but would like to see if we are a fit, you can book a FREE online 15 min consultation with me here : And that is also the link for directly booking a 1-1 session with me (all levels of experience welcome from absolute beginner to seasoned teacher)

Coming up: Huzur Vadisi, Turkey July '23: 1 week retreat with myself and Tuesday McNeill World Yoga Festival August '23: Long weekend real yoga festival in beautiful countryside

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