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Breath Retention: the secret practice


" To traditional thinking, breath retention and most other pranayama practices would be considered too advanced for initiates. My belief is that the only real qualification for all levels of yoga practice, is a drive and desire for change, a mind that is willing and humble enough to allow it, and a person that is willing to continuously 'begin again' until change becomes the simple flow of being." - Marc J Acquaviva -

I wanted to share today's Yoga solutions broadcast with all my members, so I have posted it here on the Blog.

I begin the session with talking about non-attachment to the 'rules' we learn.... Rules have a purpose, but unconsciously or dogmatically sticking to them, can keep us away from understanding the real reasons behind them, and away from the next breakthrough that is waiting for us ... So on this session I guide you through a practical exploration of the nature and purpose of breath retention in practice. Enjoy!

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