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Yoga Solutions: deconstructing dog pose

Dog pose is such a ubiquitous 'in between' posture in flows and the like that it is rare for people to spend any time finding out if there are better ways of doing it.. here I offer you a broken-down-into-parts approach, so you can feel how best to use your arms and legs so that the posture does what it is meant to do for you...

All paying members get the full version of this under the 'Yoga Solutions' link in 'Resources for members'... And I have plans to offer even more value for premium members (new series on specific postures, and monthly online 1:1s included). The prices of various premium memberships will be going up in September. So if you have been thinking of joining, your best bet is to do so now and the old (ridiculously cheap) prices will be locked in for you, together with the new benefits that are coming next month....

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