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Many people end up hurting their lower backs through some kind of physical labour whilst being bent over - and I am no exception. I strained my lower back doing some DIY... and when I noticed my own fear reactions together with the 'normal' attempt to 'relax' so things didn't hurt, I realised that this standard response was doing me no good whatsoever.

So I had a word with myself (I have solutions right?) and did some practice on the day of injury - following my own understanding and honouring of the notion that 'the body is intelligent' in order to unravel the issue.

And it worked ! The next day I was back to DIY without any problems ... in fact the following day I was more balanced, and stronger than before the back-strain happened.

So here I share both the thinking behind what I did together with the intention behind, and 'how to' details of, the simple practice of balancing on one foot in order to release the issue... You don't have to have a strained lower back to feel the benefits of following this, and if you do ever suffer from that, this will give you a get out of jail free card when it happens...

Enjoy! Tap the like button for me and leave a comment if you found it helpful. I am happy for you to share this around wherever you see fit.

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Coming up:

Huzur Vadisi, Turkey July '23: 1 week retreat with myself and Tuesday McNeill

World Yoga Festival August '23: Long weekend real yoga festival in beautiful countryside

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