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Interactive Online Classes with Marc

Mondays ~ 6:30pm-8:00pm (intermediate)

Tuesdays - 11:30am -1pm & 

Wednesdays - 11:00am-12:45pm

(all levels)

(For Saturday retreats go to the events page)


Half price for View-only attendance

FREE for Gold  & Platinum members


There is also a series of  pre-recorded  6-week Courses, entitled 'Yoga for Embodied Living', that you can buy for just £97 per Course.  These were recorded live and online with a group of people looking to take their yoga into relationships to daily life.  They are perfectly suitable for anyone that is interested in improving quality of life.  

The first course lays down the fundamental principles, the subsequent Courses expand upon the practices involved...

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For a more direct  personal attention and bespoke guidance, you might want to consider 121 Mentoring Online.  Or if you would like to do this in person, you could visit him at his home in Hove or  once/month in London (also suitable for remedial work - any issue... more

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For a more direct  group experience with Marc, he runs monthly open workshops in Brighton & Glasgow, occasional workshops and retreats in his Garden space, and he is invited to teach in various parts of the the UK...

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Marc also teaches FREE on his Yoga with Marc Facebook group, every Tuesday at 10:30am...   The most recent recordings of his 'Yoga Solutions Live' broadcasts are available to those with Silver membership (£4.99/month):

There are also plenty of videos on his Youtube channel and other social media (instagram/IGTV etc) .... videos of his home practice, interviews and workshop snippets.


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 It takes a lot of work (and equipment) to put together all the  free content that Marc offers.

If you enjoy these videos and you would like to sponsor him to keep things ticking over, you could become a proud patron of his work - a small regular donation makes a big difference.   more.... 


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