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Embodied Living

A series of 6-week online courses that will change your life 

Each course, progressively guides you through an experience that re-awakens the whole body - in relationship to itself, to the earth below, and the space you occupy.


 The process brings you into the very centre of your being, and closer to your essential self,  simply through opening  direct access to the innate and ancient wisdom of your own body...

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Embodied living

What sort of experience or fitness do I need to follow these courses?

No experience is required, and no particular level of health or flexibility  is needed for you to begin a journey that will improve both health and quality of life.

  This work is appropriate for everyone from total beginner with a curiosity about the body-mind relationship, through to fully experienced teachers looking for new depth, new inspiration and real solutions to the common issues encountered in yoga. The baseline requirement is a willingness to explore new ways of looking at things, together with a desire for change.

How long do I have access to a course?

You should have access for life - as long as the internet and the Acquaviva School of Yoga are alive.

Each course promises to change my relationships to body and mind... How do these courses differ from each other?

That's a big question!

 Before you experience it the best answer I can give is this: The principles behind my work involve working out how to create the conditions that will allow ANY body to find deeper integration.


I have discovered and have been working with 6 fundamental conditions, each of which offers its own path to freedom with practice and time, and each could be considered a 'type' of yoga. But when practiced in conjunction and in natural sequence, effectiveness of practice is off-the-scale, and transformation is inevitable.


Each Course takes your through the entirety of these Conditions in sequence, but each individual Course, in sequence, centres around one of the first three fundamental principles.


Also, I am responding in the moment to the live participants, so specific content will be guided by specific groups.


Basically, principle-based content is infinitely expandable despite being based on simple principles (in the same way that you can look at the same thing from an infinite number of angles)...


I hope that answer wasn't too confusing! You will understand how it works and evolves, as soon as you have experienced one course.

Frequently asked questions

Meet the author of the approach


Marc J Acquaviva

Yoga saved my soul...  I returned to my childhood passion of yoga at the age of 30 in1991, practicing in the 'Scaravelli-inspired' style , and I used the fundamental principle of 'listening to the song of the body'  to find my way out of a great deal of chronic physical pain.


In the process I discovered that there were other ways of relating to the body, and to life,  that can almost instantly relieve the symptoms of a wide range of very common physical issues, and my discoveries have allowed me to help others also become free of theirs.  In practicing new relationships, the issues simply fade away, and the historic complications that put the issue in place can simply dissolve in the light , so the natural outcome is nothing less than personal transformation. And this is possible for absolutely anyone that is willing to apply themselves to what I have discovered.

I  have been sharing  my work with people since 1999.

Its effectiveness has led me to define my own style (and School) of Yoga: running courses, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings. My mission is to spread this work as far as I can, and with the advancement of online technology, this is becoming more possible.

I'm fast approaching 60 and I feel like I am at the beginning of my life! and I want to share this possibility with the rest of the world.

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