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Spring 2019 Pranayama & Cleanse

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

A little guide of what's coming up :

Marc offers a series of guided pranayama sessions, and Abigail wraps the day up with a meditation and some video guidance on a digestive cleanse.

Pranayama and Cleanse week....

Below are the videos in sequence. The best use of this is to practice the Pranayama in the mornings, and end the day with the Meditation. You can do this at the pace of each guided pranayama/day for a full cleanse, or if you would rather take your time, practice as you like with each until you are satisfied.


Your Spring Cleanse Pranayama

Day 1 - AM : True presence through the Breath Fire Breath (finding natural central support from the release of the breath) Sitkari (finding heart-centred openness to space) ...... Contra-indications: All Pranayama practices are meant to be breathing CHOICES that are all natural expressions of being. Restrictions in these choices are an indication of physiological/emotional conflict. The answer is still to practice but looking for an absence of conflict in the practice - ie. you must look for the PLEASURE. If you have any digestive/pelvic organ dysfunction, it is incredibly important to back off your efforting in practice to a level that makes it entirely pleasurable. The pleasure means that you have found a more harmonious relationship, therefore more accuracy. Then with practice, increasing the drive behind it will only increase the pleasure and the healing.

Day 1 - PM: Sati Mediation (witnessing thoughts as they arise) and Golden Light Meditation

with Abigail Acquaviva


Day 2 - AM: Spring Cleanse Pranayama. Uddiyan Bandha, Nauli and Sitkari - internal space and occupying space - expression!

with Marc J Acquaviva

Day2 - PM: Dynamic Meditation

with Abigail Acquaviva


Day3 - AM: Spring Cleanse Pranayama A review of days 1 and 2: Breath Awareness, Fire Breath, Sitakari Then: Viloma inhale (ladder breath), and Antara Kumbhaka - pausing of the breath (I mis-named it as kevala kumbhaka - which is a pausing with of the emptiness of breathing).

with Marc J Acquaviva

Day3 - PM: Heart Meditation (in 3 parts)

with Abigail Acquaviva


Day 4 - AM: Spring Cleanse Pranayama: Kapalabhati (shining skull) and bringing yoga/pranayama into the rhythms of daily life. Also, to finish today's session, I will put together morning practice for you that involves simple movement tied in with the pranayamas we have worked with so far.

with Marc J Acquaviva

Day4 - PM: Meditation in day to day life - walking meditation

with Abigail Acquaviva


Day 5 - AM: Pranayama - Mahahpranayama/Mahaprnayamasana Ujayii

with Marc J Acquaviva

Day5 - PM: Guided Meditation to Meet your Higher Self

with Abigail Acquaviva



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