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These are all of the recordings of my weekly 'Yoga Solutions' Live sessions on Facebook.  If I get a question, I respond directly to that, so if you scroll through the various titles you might see something that catches your interest. On the weeks I don't get any questions I offer a general principle in practice and guide you through something so you  can have a direct physical experience of it.

These are the sessions recorded in 2021... previous sessions are linked to at the bottom of the list.

Knees, Ribs and Anxiety !!

I start with a way of understanding limbs that should give you a clue of how to practice in a way that will solve knee problems (and elbow issues) - which will incidentally shift your understanding of all yoga practice…
I then got on to the important subject of mental health, anxiety, stress and the breath. And the even more significant subject of how we interpret the sensations and efforts/tensions that the body is displaying. I then got on to pranayama and posture as a practical way of exploring what the body is trying to tell us…

The Sacred Sacrum ... the SI joint

How to be kind to your SI joints...
In response to a request from a regular, I want to offer something to help anyone that feels a strong reaction around the Sacro-illiac joint.
Its a scary thing when it happens, so I want to give some context of how to look at :
1. things you can do to discover why it might be happening
2. things you can then do to help it out.
3. things you need to practice (and relationships you need to find) in order for it to not happen again.
ps. if you don't have a problem, this practice is the best way to make sure you never develop one.

Afraid of headstands? Why and how to do it. And what you need to know

I start with the common issue of fear in headstand, then I explain what to do to release the fear, as well as the advantages of actually approaching the practice of headstand. I also offer an explanation of the two oppositional sets of instructions you might come across from different teachers. And the video ends up with practices you can do for yourself even if you never actually do headstand, and a way of getting into the actual posture that leads to the best outcome...

Hips Lower back, and Sciatic relief

Something for your hips, lower back, and a potential solution for sciatica...
I began with something about the necessity of understanding that your yoga is a relationship and that the relationship itself needs tending to... I then offer a precise way of relieving sciatica, lower back and hip tension...
if you have sciatica and want to try this out to begin to solve the issue, I would rather you at least begin supervised... so book a free 15 mins with me so I can check you have the right idea ... otherwise you MUST take full responsibility for how you work with your own body - applying yourself to my suggestions IS exactly this.

Seated forward bends

Seated forward bends are the nemesis of many yoga practitioners... Here I explain, deconstruct and show ways of approaching that can solve most of the usual complications.

Your relationships with above and below

Simplicity - your relationships with above and below, and the sacredness of the breath...

Camel - a way of approaching to lead to a blissful experience

How to do Camel in a way that is pleasurable and pain-free....
I approach this as always with an intention to deconstruct and solve all of the common complications that arise, complications that you will notice if you are interested in the quality of experience within the posture rather than simply achieving it....
The outcome for me was blissful (as apparently it was for the person that asked the question).

The first principles of Standing balances

I begin by talking about how practice needs to be a 'First Principle' inquiry, otherwise we are only accumulating ideas about 'right and wrong' that will drive our practice and interfere with the truth of what we are looking for.
I then apply that to practice in forward bend to standing, and in standing balances...

Headstand - what it's for and how it works

Inverteds - specifically headstand. What they offer you, why they are beneficial, and how to approach to make this so. Like any yoga practice, the benefits of taking weight through your head will only arise if you have a clear idea of what it is you are trying to achieve from it. Headstand gives you a way of understanding that you have a relationship to the space above your head that needs to be interacted with, if you want to be free of having to 'carry' your head.

Yoga and improving with age - and something for the neck and throat

My thoughts on how the practice of yoga has become a way of improving the quality of life as I get older, and how that has actually happened... together with a little practice to help you understand and experience total freedom and integration for the neck & throat.

The natural role of attention in practice

In my opinion and experience, the role of the thinking mind/intellect/personality is more often than not inappropriately positioned in the physical exploration of what yoga is. Understand its natural role and your practice transforms....

Should I feel it here?

Today I want to actually give an answer to the question 'Should I feel it there?' Of course, any yoga teacher worth their salt knows that this is a question that cannot really be answered, without knowing the entire physiology of a person in the moment of asking. But I wish to shed light on the topic of the right/wrong idea of how the body works, putting it in a context that should help you discern for yourself....