... a revolution in practice

building upon the transformational yoga of Vanda Scaravelli

This is Yoga, but not as you know it...

Originally inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli and by those that worked directly with her, Marc J Acquaviva (formerly known as Marc Woolford)  has developed a unique approach to practice that has been inspiring people since 1999 when he started sharing his work.

The Acquaviva School of  Yoga has been changing the face of yoga since 2011, when Marc (and his long-term student, co-founder of the School, and now partner Abigail) began running  intensive full immersion courses and teacher training programs for dedicated practitioners, teachers and body workers from all traditions.


The approach is changing lives....

It not only redefines people's relationships to their bodies - it also directly transforms their physical relationships with the world.

Longterm joint issues, spinal problems and the like are often simply released within the practice, even injury and post-surgical issues can be eased and recovery speeded up when the principles are applied in simple functional movement.    Both Marc and Abigail are highly skilled at helping people directly with their diagnosable issues, and when there is nothing particular to resolve, the outcome of embodying these new relationships is simply an expanded experience of freedom and choice in movement. The new relationships need to be practiced, and doing so leads to permanent solutions, and permanent change. Those that work with Marc directly for a good length of time also develop  the skill of being able to 'see' how to help others directly to find these more harmonious relationships for themselves - so his work supports both practitioners and experienced teachers alike.  


I had an experience that was surprising and profound- such a lovely sense of expansion. 


Hard to describe the pure, clean, innocent feeling of being "Home" - in my body, in the world. 

You have helped me discover how to exist and move in a way that has brought peace to heart, mind and body. Many Thanks.

—  Jennifer Lester

Massage Therapist USA



Feel free to connect with Marc and Abigail and they will be happy to respond to any questions you might have

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