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Are you looking for something more from your Yoga ?
Are you open to a fresh perspective ? ​​
Do you want to heal your body?

Welcome to a very different way of understanding  your body 

... it is a way that your body will recognise.

And with time & practice, it will be your body that teaches you everything you need to know, for a pleasurable life that is life well-led.


- A 10 minute explanation of the way I work and why -

About Marc 

I have been passionate about yoga since early childhood (since 1968), and from 1991 I studied and practiced exclusively with people that have worked directly with Vanda Scaravelli, such as Diane Long and Sophy Hoare, as well as with the highly respected osteopaths that have been called to further understanding of her work, such as Pete Blackaby and John Stirk.

During my earlier intensive yoga study years, in the spirit of following Vanda Scaravelli's own influences, I also explored and have drawn great value from other wellbeing practices, such as Feldenkrais  Qi Gong, Thai yoga massage, Tantra and various different meditative practices.

Unable to imagine doing anything else with my life, I eventually decided to teach, and qualified in 2000 with Natural Bodies of Brighton, doing Gary Carter's anatomy for yoga course.  I actually began to  develop my own take on the work after suffering from a prolapsed disc whilst doing the training.

The prolapse meant I wasn't able to walk, but I found that it was possible, through my own innate somatic sense of the structural relationships involved, to relieve the symptoms and restore function... I 'healed' the prolapse for myself within a few weeks, and I have been developing and using my unique approach (based on 'what actually works) to help others ever since.

More recently (2019/2020), in realising that my work involves an entirely different understanding of how a natural body actually works, I coined the term 'Enviro-Somatic' as a description of the methodology.   It refers to the fact that someone's experience of themselves through the body,  is a direct reflection of the way they physically respond to the environment they find themselves in, which in turn is influenced by how they feel, what they think and believe about what they are doing and why, and many other 'subtle' aspects of who they are as a person... more...

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