The Sacred Breath  II
Unlocking the secrets of Yoga ~ the foundations

Next-level Development Courses for dedicated teachers & practitioners.

A on-going series of 3.5hr intensive workshops that will become the foundation of a brand new practical understanding of the breath.

I am known for saying,"The breath is where it is at "

Each individual foundation day will give you a direct experience of the true meaning of that statement... 

Content:  7 x 3.5 hr sessions (with breaks and Q&A)

Introductory workshop is free!

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NB.  S.Breath Foundation members also have access to Sacred Breath - basics (the Pranayamas)

If you are a Sacred Breath -basics member and wish to upgrade, contact me through the website and I will organise a discount code for you to refund your origninal purchase.

You can take part in the introductory workshop completely free of charge ... simply click the play button on screen (you can maximise the video bottom right of the video.

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The first thing we need to understand about the breath is that we have a myriad of choices in it... It is influenced by what we do, how we do it and moreover how we think and feel about what we are doing.
To open ourselves up to other options, the best way to influence our breathing choices is through the way we engage with what we do, which in turn is defined by our intentions behind what we are doing... The exploration begins.

Full Introductory Workshop

The way you breathe is a choice!

The Foundation Course:   (Sacred Breath Foundation Members only)
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Introductory workshop

Our fundamental breathing choices and the role of the breath in support.

The way you breathe is a choice!