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Embodied Living - 3

The Heart of Practice
~ the solution 

The third series of 6-week courses with Marc J Acquaviva ... 

an integration of your transformed relationships to body & the world around you...  Best to book this one if you have already done Embodied Living 1 & 2

Content      6 main videos
 approx 90 mins each.
(with several 15 min bonus videos)
3x easy payments of £27 - Enroll now!

 Acquaviva Yoga The third wave

The Heart of Practice

This is the third of my online courses ~ and it's job is to take us back to the very centre of our being.  

This inward journey is usually where  natural seekers begin when they come to yoga practice.  But  before understanding that the experience we meet within is actually a direct function of the quality of our engagement with our outward actions,  making that inward journey often leads us down misdirected rabbit-holes, mostly based on (mis)interpretations of what we find.

These sessions take us  to the real solutions - our central responses to the world about us - and this inward journey is entirely applicable to our outward lives.

To get the most out of this series, it is important that you have worked with the principles and practices offered on Yoga for Embodied Living 1 & 2 so that the quality of your actions forms the framework for self-referral.  This third wave brings you to a place that invites you to  acknowledge, engage with and refine the inner responses to your outward actions.

The third Condition is a game-changer.  It turns everything on its head and makes for a radically different experience of movement and support.

Week by week you be guided in specific practices that bring you directly in touch with the body's innate intelligence.  The course acts as further structured support for the process that this initiates. 

  If this kind of awareness finds its way into your daily life, then you will naturally develop a way of living that is embodied.

It is this that changes people's lives - there is an empowerment that comes with listening directly to the body's own intelligence.  It gives us accurate clues about how we truly feel about things,  and its voice can act as the wisest of guides through life.


This course comes with bonus workshops for some of the parts lifted from the secondary sessions with a very small group.
All sessions are recorded with live participants, and I always adapt content in direct response to the individual needs of the people I have in front of me, so no two workshops can ever be the same.



- Marc J Acquaviva -

What sort of experience or fitness do I need to follow this course?

This being the third of the series, it is better if you have experienced the first two Embodied Living Courses, so that you have a familiarity with the terms and references. Other than that,  no particular experience of Yoga or  level of health is needed for you to dive deep into  this journey that will improve both health and quality of life.

  This work is appropriate for everyone from total beginner with a curiosity about the body-mind relationship, through to fully experienced teachers looking for new depth, new inspiration and real solutions to the common issues encountered in yoga. The baseline requirement is a willingness to explore new ways of looking at things, together with a desire for change.

How long do I have access to the course?

You should have access for life - as long as the internet and the Acquaviva School of Yoga are alive.

Frequently asked questions

Each course promises to change my relationships to body and mind... How do these courses differ from each other?

That's a big question!

 Before you experience it the best answer I can give is this: The principles behind my work involve working out how to create the conditions that will allow ANY body to find deeper integration.


I have discovered and have been working with 6 fundamental conditions, each of which offers its own path to freedom with practice and time, and each could be considered a 'type' of yoga. But when practiced in conjunction and in natural sequence, effectiveness of practice is off-the-scale, and transformation is inevitable.


Each Course takes your through the entirety of these Conditions in sequence, but each individual Course, in sequence, centres around one of the fundamental principles.  As we move through the series, a familiarity with previous 'Conditions' becomes more necessary, which is why it is better to do them in sequence (as they were recorded)


Also, I am responding in the moment to the live participants, so specific content will be guided by specific groups.


Basically, principle-based content is infinitely expandable despite being based on simple principles (in the same way that you can look at the same thing from an infinite number of angles)...



Meet the author of the approach

Marc J Acquaviva

Yoga saved my soul...  I began practicing yoga in the 'Scaravelli-inspired' style at the age of 30 in1991, and I used the fundamental principle of 'listening to the song of the body'  to find my way out of a great deal of chronic physical pain.


In the process I discovered that there were other ways of relating to the body, and to life,  that can almost instantly relieve the symptoms of a wide range of very common physical issues, and my discoveries have allowed me to help others also become free of theirs.  In practicing new relationships, the issues simply fade away, along with the historic complications that put the issue in place, so the natural outcome is nothing less than personal transformation. And this is possible for absolutely anyone that is willing to apply themselves to what I have discovered.

I  have been sharing  my work with people since 1999.

Its effectiveness has led me to define my own style (and School) of Yoga: running courses, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings. My mission is to spread this work as far as I can, and with the advancement of online technology, this is becoming more possible.

I'm fast approaching 60 and I feel like I am at the beginning of my life! and I want to share this possibility with the rest of the world.

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