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121 Yoga with Abigail

Abigail’s passion in yoga is to meet clients where they are at.


Bring any problem and Abigail will guide you to a personal practice that is repeatable and will directly ease or possibly resolve the issue. Abigail has extensive experience working with women who are peri-natal (she’s also a doula), peri-menopausal, suffering gyecological  problems, hip and sacral pain to name some examples.


Sessions end with an Acquaviva Yoga nidra (guided relaxation on the theme of practice) to allow the deep shifts that occur to integrate.

Yoga Therapy

Abigail’s Yoga Therapy offers you an opportunity to have the somatic experience and extraordinary benefits of Acquaviva Yoga, but without the need to work anything out for yourself.

The treatment works really well when fully clothed - you simply relax and allow yourself to literally be moved by Abigail.


She will nestle, support, articulate and reposition your limbs in order to integrate different parts of your body together. You are  very likely to drift into a highly blissed-out state.

Clients often like to combine this with a short guide of yoga specifically for their body on that day, so they are empowered to find their own way into deep release in their own space and time.



Abigail has trained extensively in various therapeutic approaches to massage including  structural integration, and myofascial release, deep tissue massage and aromatherapy.

She has create her own unique massage technique,   drawing from these influences, but also from her understanding of body-relationships based on her long term study of Acquaviva Yoga.


If you book one of  Abigail's nurturing massages, you will be released of habitual tensions, and you will leave feeling lighter, more integrated, centred and with greater freedom of movement.

Tachyon Treatments

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Tachyon therapy is a radical new kind of healing treatment. It is described as a modern form of shamanistic healing using patented Tachyon technology, created and developed by David Wagner.


About David Wagner & 'Tachyonisation'

After a serious spinal injury, David was told by doctors to resign himself to a life as an invalid.   As a scientist, inventor and spiritual guide, he refused to lose hope.  And after 3 years of being bedridden, he received a vision and a download - a complete blueprint for a zero-point energy device  that uses faster-than-light particles (tachyons) to restructure materials at the submolecular level.  The material then becomes a conduit for tachyon particles, which have a powerful 'reset' effect on organic matter.  This is the signature of all source-energy  healing (similar to 'Prana' in the Yogic tradition).

David healed himself with the silica discs and crystals that he created  from this technology and has been creating crystals and other devices to heal people and aid spiritual development ever since. 

What Tachyon Treatments can do...

Abigail's first exposure to this technology was when Marc came off a moped whilst they were on retreat in Corfu.  The retreat facilitators had some tachyonised healing discs with them, and Marc borrowed them for the week to help with the healing process. The speed of the healing was unprecedented (Marc had such an unusual experience he took daily pictures of what happened - put together as a video here).  Both Abigail and Marc have been training in the use of this technology ever since, and Abigail will be offering a full range of Tachyon Treatments from November this year. 


This is an extraordinary energy healing that goes deeply and swiftly into any physical issue allowing profound change than can immediately be incorporated into daily life.   It can also greatly enhance personal yoga and meditation practice.