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How to set up Zoom

on your computer

If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, it is an online program a bit like Skype that you can use in certain browsers. The Zoom app itself is the most reliable way of using it and you can  download it for free here.

Setting up your yoga mat, camera and internet
So for me to have the best view of how you are getting on, it is good to set up the yoga mat so that it is sideways on to the laptop/webcam.  And ideally there wants to be around 2-3m distance between camera and mat (depending on what you would like to do for your session - standing postures require more space and distance from the camera)

You can check things when you set up your Zoom app, and if you have it so that the length of the mat lines up with  the bottom of the screen, and that end-end is just about within the image, then that should be about right for most things we do.

If the space you are using doesn't allow you that kind of distance then don’t worry, we can work something out as we go (or you could buy yourself a clip-on wide-angle lens on ebay or amazon for very cheap).


Also you will need to be able to hear me, so its good to turn your computer's volume up as far as it goes - some people like to plug their computer into the TV to get the best picture/sound.

Obviously a stable internet connection is important for you to be able to take part, so if you have wifi issues, it might be better to use an ethernet cable plugged directly into your router (I discovered this when I lived in France - ethernet was the only way)

Sound and Vision

When you open the app, you get a chance to test your camera and microphone, which I would ask you to do before our Zoom session begins, so that there are no unnecessary delays and frustrations with technology before we start. 

When you have your mouse/cursor over the screen, along the bottom there are various icons - far left is your microphone and next to it is your camera.  If you click on the down-arrow next to either of these icons you can choose different devices… if your camera isn’t working it might just need to be selected here, same with your microphone, or if you would like the sound to come out of your TV or something.

Non-video participation

If you are choosing a non-video participation then of course you don't need to set anything up apart from to be able to see what is going on.   You can mute your own audio and hide your own video on the zoom app itself at the bottom of the screen (see below)


Audio & video 

are on...


Audio & video 

are off...


Workshop recordings will be available at some point soon after the event - they are only for workshop particpants (including non-video particpants),  and you will need to be a member of the website (`there is a free membership option if you click here ), and provided that you have membership - I will give you direct access to the workshop(s) that you attend.

Contact me if you have any difficulty

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