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Wed, 26 Jun



Wednesday Pranayama

This regular 1hr class will give you a deep experiential understanding of all the fundamental pranayamas (and general breath-work)... This alone will change your practice and your life for the better.

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Wednesday Pranayama
Wednesday Pranayama

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26 Jun 2024, 18:30 – 19:30



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Wednesday evenings 6:30-7:30pm

£6 drop in (£4 for free members) 

FREE for all Premium members - Silver, Gold & Platinum.  

I have been fond of saying "the breath is where it's at" for over a decade now.  And as my own understanding of physical practice has developed over the decades, together with realising the actual conditions that lead to the natural strength and ease that 'Scaravelli-inspired' yoga aspires to, this quote of mine has gained more and more truth to it.

The pranayama (and all forms of the breath-work I engage in) has led to my direct (physical) understanding of what is meant by Chakras, together with why they have relationships to our state of mind and sense of well-being... together with how the breath itself (and harmony between our chakras) can become the centre of our support as we get on with the business of developing ease and freedom in strength, and as we explore how the body can naturally express these things in my particular adaptations of very familiar postures.   

This understanding of the Chakras is something I wish to share (and I intend to put on a course on the subject later this year).  But in thinking about this, I realised that to be able to share this with any kind of effectiveness, the people that attend will need to already have direct access to the internal support system that creates the  'structures' that contain these important breathing spaces within our bodies.  And the only structured way I can think of to cause this accessibility is regular pranayama practice, guided in a way that brings attention to the specific actions and purposes of each key practice.

You can qualify for attending the Chakra course simply by following 'the Sacred Breath' (free for all premium members).  But it takes time and a great deal of regular practice for its value and meaning to properly sink in...  doing the course once won't necessarily cause a fundamental change in someone's breathing responses at a deep and natural level.  So  I thought that the best way to bring direct physical understanding for everyone that supports my work would be to put on a regular class  that cycles through each of the key breathing practices .

Classes will  be relatively short so they can fit snugly into your week, and they will be a little less interactive than the workshops, because the intention is to guide you towards the deep precision of each individual pranayama (1/week).   I would expect participants to practice that particular pranayama over the following week so that we can eventually move on towards putting them together into a pranayama practice sequence that will simultaneously strengthen your body and envigorate and heal your organs, whilst bringing tools to your life that you can turn to at any time to improve quality of life.   

Pranayama is considered and advanced practice for a good reason - to truly understand it you need to have a direct experience of what it can do, whilst understanding why you are having that experience.  This can only really be guided by someone that has really investigated how these things work for themselves - no amount of repeating a pranayama that you have 'learnt' will lead you to its true value.  I hope to have a chance to work with you consitently on this subject so I get a chance to share what I have discovered as the 'truth' of these things.

Whether you are a long-term student, or completely unfamiliar with my work, you are all very welcome to join - this will be the fastest path to understanding and becoming friends with your own body....

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