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Step by step - how to relate to the ground through your base so that what you can find the inner responses naturally...

First 15 mins or so answering specific questions and then take people into a class based on a step-by-step guide to establishing your breathing relationship to the earth.

A dynamic class!

Everyone was up for moving and working, so I took people through a sun salute , giving instructions that cause the relationships I usually give people time to discover for themselves. One round of sun salute plus some wind down practice....

How to practice - a sequential guide

I began with the idea behind the developmental 'sequencing' of your 'intention' in practice - so that you can create, for yourself, the experiences I offer when you work with me. Then I led a class that offered a step-by-step approach to each posture.

Lordosis vs. Kyphosis

I began by answering a question about the diagnoses of 'lordosis' and 'kyphosis' - to help guide state of mind during the standing flow class that followed.

The lower back and standing postures

We started on the ground to get into how to find standing relationships to the ground that leave the lower back free and the core of the body responsive, did a fed leg extensions, the progressed into standing postures including warrior and triangle.

From the ground up

I started by talking about how the yoga journey towards integration is a reinvention of our growing up process - from the ground up - and I led a class that began with grounded relationships from within through the feet to bring awareness to how this will change everything in the upper body.

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