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A Poem for your Practice....

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

1. Surrender the mind to your heart, & your weight through your touch, From within allow

space from the ground.

2. If you find you need space, then meet the space behind you,

to either side, and when you meet above, let go from up to down...  

3. With your hands and feet, gather your bones to the centre.

The spine, the spaces within & your touch, must all come close together.

4. Give the spine & breath to your base, from hands & feet - thread through space,

Then this rhythm can flow with no holding in place.

5. But when you feel you can float,

trusting the space all around ~

6.Just pause, with the breath ... guide the heart to the centre,

Then just give back, through your spine - to the ground.

- Marc J Acquaviva - ©2020

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So lovely. Thank you Marc 🙏

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