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Marc has a few very special long-standing students and patrons that have secured priority 121 sessions and attendance on most events for life.  They did this by supporting the expansion of the School and Marc’s work in the best way they can.


We whole-heartedly believe that this approach to body-work should become available to everyone - and world-wide exposure is big thing to aim for.  It takes good equipment to film and stream content at a quality that portrays the quality of the work. And to work with big groups around the world, a powerful internet setup is required. There are even plans to bring this way of working directly back to India....

 A well established teacher, Tuesday McNeill, who has worked regularly with Marc for more than a decade, and sees him as one of her main influences, was having one of her yearly retreats in Kerala India, and she met a local who was in the position of  having to sell his house, in order to pay for some Ayurvedic treatment for his lame arm  - with no guarantee of success.


 Knowing the fundamentals of Marc's work, she stepped in and offered to try to help directly. After a little while he began experiencing a massive improvement in the use of his previously non-functioning arm  - The man got to keep his house, and is now determined to become a yoga teacher of this 'magical new yoga'. We would love to be able to run a training program in India!  This would true full-circle paying-it-forward.


Building the infrastructure that will give us what we need to build and provide content for these grand-vision projects, is going to take a good deal of time and quite a bit of money. So, if the Acquaviva mission is to succeed, we actually need far more funding than we can possibly ever produce from running our Courses and the like... and Marc has for a long time now been of the persuasion that perhaps the School should be funded in the same way Yoga Schools used to be in the old days - so that it can be set up as a resource for healing, learning and support for the people that truly need it.

The most recent student/patron that offered this to Marc and the Acquaviva School, facilitated the building of the Acquaviva Garden studio through his very generous funding.  He has secured regular private tuition for life, as well as free access to everything else that Marc does in person or online as a result, but his main motivation was that "this work really has to get out there".  And one of the purposes of the building is to be the Home of all Marc's online work.

The tiniest amount makes a big difference!

If you would just like to help keep the free content flowing, you could set up a small regular donation to support the work.  


If each and every person that appreciates the free content on this website, on Facebook, YouTube and IGTV  were to support us with a £1/month subscription, this would a long way to liberating the time needed to build content.

It takes a few people with big hearts to change the world.

There  is a great deal more that can be done to expand this work into the world, so if you are someone that is in a position to help further the Acquaviva mission, please contact Marc directly, and not only will you be helping to bring this work to wherever it is needed in the world,  you will also be able to secure exactly what you would like in terms of support for your own well-being and personal development for years to come.

Building the Acquaviva Garden Studio...

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