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The priority of the School ... to provide a safe environment, direct guidance and support, and a distillation of the most useful information available, so that each individual on the course finds their way to personal liberation and empowerment through the practical application of Yoga.​

In terms of personal progress and development, Acquaviva Students really gain benefit from, and most appreciate the following aspects of our Courses:

Small groups 

This means everyone can easily see what is going on, from close up.  Students have time to ask questions and often the question asked is relevant to the whole group, so allowing deep shifts in understanding for everyone. The friendly group is tight knit and supportive of each individual in their journey. We encourage students to buddy up and practice together outside the workshops, either in person or via Skype.

Individual attention

Marc, Abigail and Jane are always happy to take the time to work individually with students. During Course workshops, Marc, Abigail (and in Scotland, Jane) offer hands-on assistance whenever you need  to work through the blocks so the body can become free to express.  Of course any hands-on is only with consent, so if you have a question about what is going on in your body, an alternative can be that you watch whilst someone else is worked with on the question...  Abigail, Jane and anyone else that has worked with Marc for any length of time are usually quite happy to get on the mat for Marc to 'demonstrate' something for you.

Real Yoga solutions offered (any physical issue)

Many students who join the Acquaviva courses choose to study for their own enjoyment. If you wish to teach, it is important to put the pleasure you derive from your own practice first. So, every workshop, support session and class starts with asking ‘What do you the students need?’, so classes and content are directly relevant to the individuals in the group, and yet each bespoke Course Series will include an holistic approach to the health of the whole body.  What is unusual about this the work is that the outcome of practice leads to a radical new experiences of body and mind, which can immediately free people from long-standing bodily issues.  With practice, you will be able to do this regularly for yourself. Should you choose to go on and teach, you will have the best possible experience to be able to support the individual needs of your own students.


Videos of all workshops

All weekend workshops are recorded and accessible via a members page, so only course trainees and graduates can watch back the workshop in their own time. There is always an ‘off camera’ mat space for anyone who doesn’t wish to be filmed. The advantage is that the entire course content is retained for absorption at your own pace and if you are comfortable being filmed, your individual practice prompts from Marc will be recorded so you can replay them for your personal practice.

Weekly Online Practice Support Sessions (with Q & A)

All Acquaviva Yoga Development Courses include extra-curricular group support time with one of the Course Directors (via Zoom). This is an opportunity to recap and deepen your experience of the current theme.  It also gives you an opportunity ask questions that have arisen from practice.  These online sessions are also recorded so you can refer back to them as you choose.


What if you don't want to be a teacher?

The full-immersion process that we offer invites transformation of body and mind, and our Courses are based purely on supporting you on your (very personal) yoga journey.  Once you have experienced the benefits of this approach, you may or may not be called to share the work with others. We fully support whatever choice you make and you will not be pressured to teach if you do not wish to do so.


Marc sharing his work at the OM Yoga Show Glasgow


Feel free to connect with Marc and Abigail and they will be happy to respond to any questions you might have

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